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Cloth Menstrual Pads


Mama-made Hemp w/cotton Pads limited supplies!


Regular Pocket Pads (includes 1 liner each,available in batik dragonfly print) $10

Overnight/Post-partum Pocket Pads (longer than regular, includes 1 liner each,available in batik dragonfly or bumblebee print)  $12

Unbleached Hemp/Fleece mama moon cloth with pocket, includes one insert pad $12

Overnight Cotton mama pads with two snap-in liners $10




Mothers Moon All Natural Mama Cloth & Diaper Wash


Natural antiseptic, germicidal, antibacterial, and fungicidal properties, with baking soda, lavender essential oil and tea tree oil. Soak your cloth pads or diapers overnight, and add one scoop (one tablespoon) to a small load of wash, or two scoops to a larger load of wash. Hot wash and cold rinse.  Each bag is just over one pound.  $7

sorry, currently out of stock


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Glad Rags


other re-usable menstrual products:

The Keeper or MoonCup - Great for Women and the Environment!

also available: The Diva Cup    


more products for moon-time

comforting herbal packs  (see Handcrafts page)

nurishing herbal tea

 maiden celebration jewelry:
 custom made by Mothers Moon 

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